49ers Sign Dwelley, TE still a 2023 Draft target

For fans of the San Francisco 49ers, attending the 2023 NFL Draft is an opportunity to witness their team’s selections up close and personal. With the 49ers owning 11 picks, including three third-round compensatory picks, fans will have plenty of chances to see their team add promising new players to the roster.

The 49ers have been busy in the offseason, adding key players through free agency and trades, but the draft remains an essential part of team-building. With the recent signing of Ross Dwelley, the team has two reliable tight ends in Dwelley and George Kittle. However, there is always a need for depth at the position, and it’s possible that the 49ers may look to add another tight end in the draft.

Fans attending the draft can expect an atmosphere of excitement and anticipation. With each pick, there is the chance for the 49ers to find a future star player who could help take the team to the next level. And for fans, being there to witness the selection of a new player for the 49ers would be an unforgettable experience.

While the team’s early picks will undoubtedly generate the most buzz, the later rounds can also be a goldmine for finding hidden gems. The 49ers have shown in the past that they can find quality players in the later rounds, and fans attending the draft can witness those picks firsthand.

As for the tight end position, it’s important to note that the 49ers have options beyond just Dwelley and Kittle. Charlie Woerner, who was drafted in the sixth round in 2020, is another promising young player at the position. Still, the 49ers could use more depth and competition at the position, and fans attending the draft will be watching closely to see who the team selects.

Overall, attending the NFL Draft is an experience that any true 49ers fan shouldn’t miss. With the team owning 11 picks, including three third-round compensatory picks, there will be plenty of excitement and anticipation as fans wait to see who their team selects. And for fans interested in the tight end position, there is the possibility that the team could add another promising player to their roster.