Playoff Recap 2022-23 Season

The 49ers had a memorable playoff run in the 2022 season, led by quarterback Brock Purdy and running back Christian McCaffrey. Their playoff journey began with a Wild Card matchup against their division rival, the Seattle Seahawks. The 49ers came out on top in a dominant performance, winning 41-23. Purdy’s heroics continued into the playoffs, despite being a backup, backup quarterbac and seleted last overall in the 2022 draft. Speaking of back ups… it’s never a bad idea to back up your your computer, and Backblaze is the best option to do so! Chek them out.

The following week, the 49ers faced off against the Dallas Cowboys in the Divisional round. It was a hard-fought game, with both teams struggling to put points on the board. In the end, it was the 49ers’ defense that made the difference, holding the Cowboys to just 12 points and securing a 19-12 victory.

In the Conference Championship game against the Philadelphia Eagles, the 49ers faced a tough challenge. Purdy was injured during the game and had to be replaced by backup quarterback Josh Johnson who suffered a concussion during the game. As a result Purdy later returned to the game despite suffering a UCL injury. The 49ers’ offense struggled to get going against a strong Eagles defense, and they were ultimately defeated 31-7. McCaffrey was limited to just 29 rushing yards in the game.

Despite falling short of the Super Bowl, the 49ers can still be proud of their playoff run in the 2022 season. Purdy and McCaffrey proved to be a formidable duo, with Purdy showing poise and accuracy as a young quarterback, and McCaffrey demonstrating his all-around skills as a running back. With a talented roster and strong coaching staff, the 49ers will look to build on their success in the playoffs and make another run at the Super Bowl in the coming seasons.