Scoring 49ers Tickets

If you’re a diehard 49ers fan, there’s nothing quite like attending a game in person. The excitement of being in the stadium, the energy of the crowd, and the thrill of seeing your favorite players up close can’t be matched. But how do you go about getting tickets to a 49ers game? And how can you be sure that the tickets you’re buying are legitimate? In this article, we’ll take a look at how to get 49ers tickets for home and away games, and why buying them through, an official StubHub affiliate, is a safe, secure, affordable, and trustworthy option.

Whether looking to attend a home or away game, they usually sell out quickly, so getting good tickets from a reliable source can be a challenge sometimes. if the game you’re looking to attend is sold out or if you’re looking for a better deal, you can also try buying tickets on the secondary market. One of the most popular secondary market options is StubHub. Through, you can access StubHub’s marketplace of verified sellers and find a wide range of tickets at a variety of price points.

When purchasing tickets for away games, it’s important to be cautious and only buy from reputable sources. Unfortunately, there are many fake ticket sellers out there, and buying from an untrustworthy source could leave you with counterfeit tickets or no tickets at all. That’s why it’s always best to use a trusted source like and StubHub to ensure that you’re getting legitimate tickets.

In addition to security and authenticity, buying through and StubHub can also be more affordable. Since StubHub is a marketplace, you can often find tickets at prices below face value, especially if you’re willing to wait until closer to game day to purchase. And if you’re a season ticket holder looking to sell some of your tickets, StubHub can be a great way to do so while ensuring that your tickets end up in the hands of other 49ers fans.

Finally, purchasing through and StubHub is incredibly easy and convenient. Simply visit and click on the “Tickets” at the top of the screen to be directed to StubHub’s marketplace. From there, you can search for tickets to home and away games, view seat maps, and even set up alerts to notify you when tickets become available. Once you’ve purchased your tickets, you can either print them out or access them through the StubHub app on your mobile device. You can also load these tickets into the Levi Staidum app. We’ll have more on that in a separate blog post.

Additionally, StubHub provides a FanProtect Guarantee that ensures buyers will receive authentic tickets in time for the game. If any issues arise, StubHub will work with the buyer to find a resolution and even provide replacement tickets or a full refund in certain cases.

For those looking to attend away games, we are building helpful guides for traveling fans. These guides will be updated weekly to include information on where to stay, eat, and park near the opposing team’s stadium. It also provides links to purchase tickets for away games through StubHub, ensuring that fans can travel with the confidence that they will have a ticket waiting for them upon arrival.

Overall, purchasing 49ers tickets through and StubHub is a safe, reliable, and convenient way for fans to secure their spot in the stands for home and away games. With the peace of mind that comes from knowing your tickets are authentic and the convenience of being able to purchase tickets from the comfort of your own home, it’s the perfect way for any 49ers fan to cheer on their team.