49ers Draft Picks in 2023

With the NFL draft fast approaching, the San Francisco 49ers are finalizing their plans for their draft selections. The draft will be held in Kansas City from April 27th to April 29th, 2023, and the 49ers have ten picks in total, including three in the third round.

In the third round, the 49ers have the No. 99, No. 101, and No. 102 overall picks. These picks are crucial for the 49ers as they look to improve their roster depth and find players who can contribute immediately. The 49ers have a solid foundation on both sides of the ball, but they need to find players who can fill the gaps and make an impact.

In the fifth round, the 49ers have the No. 155 and No. 164 overall picks, which they acquired from the Miami Dolphins in a trade involving Josh Johnson. These picks give the 49ers some flexibility to address specific needs and target players who may have slipped through the earlier rounds.

The 49ers also have the No. 173 overall pick in the fifth round, which they earned through their regular season record. This pick is crucial for the 49ers to find a player who can contribute to the team and add depth to their roster.

In the sixth round, the 49ers have the No. 216 overall pick, and in the seventh round, they have three picks: No. 222 (from the Denver Broncos in a trade involving Jonas Griffith), No. 247, and No. 253. These picks are low-risk, high-reward opportunities for the 49ers to find a diamond in the rough and add depth to their roster.

Attending the NFL Draft in person can be an unforgettable experience for any football fan. The event, which is typically held in late April, offers an opportunity to witness history being made as future stars are selected by their new teams.

Not only can you watch the excitement unfold live, but attending the draft in person also allows you to participate in a variety of events and activities leading up to and during the draft. You can attend the NFL Draft Experience, an interactive football festival with games, player appearances, and photo opportunities. There are also opportunities to meet current and former players, attend autograph sessions, and participate in giveaways and contests.

But why attend the draft in person instead of watching it from the comfort of your own home? The answer is simple: the atmosphere. The energy in the room is unmatched as fans cheer on their favorite teams and players, and react to surprise picks and trades. The roar of the crowd as the number one pick is announced is an unforgettable experience.

Overall, attending the NFL Draft in person is a unique and exciting opportunity for any football fan. If you have the chance to attend, it’s definitely worth considering. If you want to arrange a trip to check it out, click here