49ers 2023 Home Games Announced

Get ready for an action-packed 2023 home game schedule, 49ers fans! We’ve got some exciting matchups to look forward to, starting with our NFC West rivals, the Arizona Cardinals, Los Angeles Rams, and Seattle Seahawks. These games are always intense and competitive, and we need our home crowd to bring the energy and make it tough for our opponents.

The Dallas Cowboys will also be coming to town, and this matchup is sure to be a must-see for any fan. Dak Prescott will be seeking vengence after losing badly in the playoffs to the 49ers talented defense. Plus, the bitter rivalry between our two teams always adds an extra layer of excitement to the game.

We’ll also be facing the New York Giants, who have some talented players on their roster… Of course, quarterback Daniel Jones, contract has not been settled, but he is a clear piece to the puzzle, as is running back Saquon Barkley. Both teams will be looking to make a statement, so it’s sure to be a hard-fought battle on our home turf.

The Baltimore Ravens and their superstar quarterback, Lamar Jackson, will be another formidable opponent. With Jackson’s contract up in the air, keeping an eye on the Ravens offseason will be important and lead his team to victory. It’s a critical game for us as well, as we look to prove ourselves against one of the best teams in the league.

Finally, we’ll be facing the Cincinnati Bengals and Tampa Bay Buccaneers, both of whom will be looking to take us down on our home turf. The Bengals and quarterback Joe Burrow were inches away from the Super Bowl – just like the 49ers, losing in the championship game, and the Buccaneers will be looking to show that they surived losing Tom Brady. These games will be critical for us as we look to solidify our spot in the playoffs and make a run at the Super Bowl.

Overall, our 2023 home schedule is packed with exciting matchups and intense rivalries. We need our fans to come out in force and make it tough for our opponents. Let’s show them what we’re made of and make Levi’s Stadium the toughest place to play in the NFL!